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Our Story

We are a craft brewery located in Salem, Oregon. We're a close group of free thinkers and free wheelers, wanderers and outlaws, friends old and new. Our brewing is our passion and our love of life and adventure is what drives our company.


Founded by three longtime friends and Marine Corps combat veterans, Vagabond is as much about beer as it is about love and family. After serving our country the better part of a decade during a time of war, we set out to find ourselves and our path. That journey took us to all corners of the globe. From Central to South America, from Europe to Southeast Asia and beyond. We went looking for meaning and purpose and found love, adventure, and the essence of the human experience. We also found BEER.


Every corner of the globe has beer. There was beer on planes and trains. We found beer in revolutionary basement bars in Guatemala and the deep reaches of the Amazon jungle. In Europe there was beer being brewed in breweries older than America and upstart micros in the most unexpected places. We found that beer brought people together and was an almost universal language that easily broke the ice or sparked conversations lasting well into the night. 


After returning home and spending some time reflecting and attending college, we started slowly formulating a plan to start our own brewing company. The idea behind Vagabond is to build a place where we can support each other much like we did in the Marines and create a company that is an outlet for our creativity and passions. The theme is clearly from our days wandering the globe in search of adventure, thus the name. We enjoy brewing bold and original recipes that borrow a small piece of our travels abroad and that hopefully leave lasting impressions on everyone who try's them.


Our company is run on the tenets we hold dear:

-Be honest and compassionate.

-Do nothing halfhearted and everything with passion and drive.

-Take care of those that take care of you. For us this means taking care of our employees and giving back to the community that supports us.

-Remember where you came from. We owe our success to every brewer with an unlocked brewhouse door or a willingness to answer questions or give advice.


Beer. Love. Adventure.

It's what we're about.

The Gents

James Cardwell


Alvin Klausen


Dean Howes












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